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Are you ready for an exhilarating 5-day adventure exploring the stunning Tour Du Mont Blanc? This challenging trek takes you through three countries, offering breathtaking scenery, unique cultural experiences, and a sense of accomplishment like no other. With varied terrains, picturesque alpine villages, and scenic views from mountain refuges, this itinerary is a must-do for adventure enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Tour Du Mont Blanc is a 5-day trek crossing France, Italy, and Switzerland
  • It offers stunning scenery, varied walks, and challenging terrains
  • Accommodation is provided in mountain refuges and local hotels
  • Proper gear and preparation are essential for a successful trek
  • The itinerary may vary based on weather conditions and availability of accommodation

Highlights of Tour Du Mont Blanc Itinerary 5 Days

Discover the highlights of Tour Du Mont Blanc as you embark on a thrilling hiking adventure. This 5-day trek takes you through the breathtaking landscapes of France, Italy, and Switzerland, offering a unique experience for outdoor enthusiasts. The itinerary encompasses varied terrains, challenging climbs, picturesque alpine villages, and stunning views from mountain refuges.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the natural wonders of the Mont Blanc region as you traverse through rolling meadows, dense forests, and rugged mountain trails. Each day presents a new adventure, with big climbs and descents that test your stamina and reward you with panoramic vistas. As you journey through three countries, you’ll encounter a diverse mix of cultures, local traditions, and charming villages that add to the allure of this trek.

One of the highlights of this itinerary is the chance to stay in mountain refuges, where you can savor the beauty of the surroundings and connect with fellow hikers. These refuges offer basic but comfortable lodging and serve delicious local cuisine, providing a truly authentic experience. You’ll have ample opportunities to fuel your body with hearty meals and indulge in the flavors of the region.

Leg#StartDestinationDistanceHoursAscent MeterDescent MeterDifference
1Les HouchesLes Contamines16 km5:00646 m633 m+ 13 m
2Les ContaminesLes Chapieux18 km7:301316 m929 m+ 387 m
3Les ChapieuxRifugio Elisabetta15 km4:301004 m258 m+ 746 m
4Rifugio ElisabettaCourmayeur18 km5:00460 m1560 m– 1100 m
5CourmayeurRifugio Bonatti12 km4:30860 m101 m+ 759 m
6Rifugio BonattiLa Fouly20 km6:30895 m1410 m– 515 m
7La FoulyChampex15 km4:00420 m565 m– 145 m
8ChampexCol de la Forclaz16 km4:30742 m682 m+ 60 m
9Col de la ForclazTre-le-Champ13 km5:301069 m1178 m– 109 m
10Tre-le-ChampRefuge Flegere8 km3:30733 m257 m+ 476 m
11Refuge FlegereLes Houches17 km6:30772 m1546 m– 774 m
Total:168 km57h8,917 m9,119 m– 202 m
Source : WikiPedia

Picturesque Alpine Villages

Picturesque Alpine Villages Tour Du Mont Blanc

Along the Tour Du Mont Blanc, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the picturesque alpine villages that dot the route. Immerse yourself in the local culture, interact with friendly locals, and witness the charm of these mountain communities. From the stunning architecture to the quaint streets lined with cozy cafes and shops, each village offers a unique ambiance that is sure to captivate you.

Scenic Views from Mountain Refuges

As you ascend the mountains, the views from the mountain refuges will take your breath away. Picture yourself sipping hot coffee or tea while gazing at the majestic peaks and serene valleys below. The mountain refuges provide a cozy retreat where you can rest, recharge, and soak in the beauty of nature. Whether you choose to sit outside and marvel at the sunset or cozy up indoors with a good book, these refuges offer a peaceful haven amidst the rugged wilderness.

Essential Gear and Preparation

Before embarking on the Tour Du Mont Blanc, it’s crucial to be well-prepared. Invest in proper hiking gear, including a sturdy backpack, comfortable hiking boots, and appropriate clothing for varying weather conditions. Don’t forget essentials like sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water to stay hydrated during the trek. Familiarize yourself with the route, check weather forecasts, and ensure you’re physically prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Varied Terrains and Climbs

The Mont Blanc trek is known for its varied terrains and challenging climbs. Be prepared for steep ascents and descents, rocky trails, and uneven terrain. Each day presents a different landscape, from lush meadows to rocky peaks, ensuring that the journey never becomes monotonous. Embrace the physical demands of the trek and relish in the sense of accomplishment that comes with conquering each climb.

HighlightsKey Information
Scenic beautyExperience breathtaking landscapes and panoramic views
Cultural diversityExplore charming alpine villages and encounter different cultures
Mountain refugesStay in unique accommodations with stunning views
Varied terrainsChallenge yourself with hilly terrains and rewarding climbs
Local cuisineIndulge in delicious regional dishes and flavors
Three countriesExperience the thrill of crossing borders

Exploring the Picturesque Alpine Villages

Immerse yourself in the idyllic charm of the alpine villages along the Mont Blanc itinerary. These picturesque settlements dot the landscape, welcoming hikers with their quaint architecture, warm hospitality, and breathtaking natural surroundings. Each village offers a unique cultural experience, allowing you to delve into the rich history and traditions of the region.

As you embark on your 5-day tour of Mont Blanc, you’ll have the opportunity to visit charming villages such as Les Houches, Courmayeur, and Champex. Take a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets lined with traditional chalets, adorned with colorful flower boxes. Stop by local cafes and taste delectable regional cuisine, from hearty mountain stews to mouthwatering artisanal cheeses.

Table: Alpine Villages along the Mont Blanc Itinerary

Mountain goat on rooftop Parc Animalier de Merlet Les Houches France
Les HouchesFranceStart of the Mont Blanc trek, stunning views of the Aiguilles de Chamonix
CourmayeurItalyDelicious Italian cuisine, charming cobbled streets, views of Mont Blanc
ChampexSwitzerlandScenic lake, peaceful atmosphere, traditional Swiss architecture

These villages not only provide a tranquil respite from the exhilarating hikes, but they also serve as ideal bases for exploring the surrounding natural wonders. From Les Houches, you can embark on a thrilling cable car ride to the Aiguille du Midi, offering panoramic views of the Mont Blanc massif. In Courmayeur, venture into the stunning Val Ferret, known for its lush meadows and glacial valleys.

Throughout your journey, you’ll be captivated by the postcard-perfect beauty of the alpine villages. The narrow cobblestone streets, charming architecture, and welcoming locals create an enchanting atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression. These idyllic settlements are not just a place to rest your weary legs, but an integral part of the Mont Blanc experience, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the culture and natural splendor of the region.

Scenic Views from Mountain Refuges

Rifugio Città di Milano Tour Du Mont Blanc

Prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring views from the mountain refuges along your 5-day Mont Blanc trek. Nestled high in the alpine wilderness, these refuges offer a front-row seat to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. As you rest and replenish your energy, take a moment to soak in the panoramic vistas of snow-capped peaks, lush valleys, and crystal-clear lakes.

Each refuge has its own unique charm, providing a cozy and rustic atmosphere that perfectly complements the rugged beauty of the surrounding landscape. From the welcoming warmth of crackling fires to the camaraderie of fellow hikers, these refuges offer a true mountain experience.

During your trek, you’ll have the opportunity to stay in a variety of refuges, each with its own character and charm. From the quaint and traditional to the modern and comfortable, these refuges provide a haven for weary hikers. Imagine enjoying a hearty meal made with fresh, local ingredients while savoring the stunning views through the refuge’s panoramic windows.

Refuge NameLocationAltitude
Rifugio ElisabettaItaly2,195m
Refuge des MottetsFrance1,874m
Cabane du CombalSwitzerland1,957m
Rifugio BonattiItaly2,025m

These mountain refuges not only provide a comfortable resting place, but they also offer a unique opportunity to connect with fellow hikers from around the world. Share stories of your adventures, exchange tips and advice, and forge lasting friendships as you bond over the shared experience of conquering the Mont Blanc circuit.

So, lace up your hiking boots and prepare to be inspired by the magnificent views that await you on your 5-day Mont Blanc trek. From the tranquil beauty of alpine meadows to the majesty of towering peaks, you’ll find yourself immersed in nature’s grandeur every step of the way.

A Trek Through Three Countries

Embark on a cross-border adventure as you trek through France, Italy, and Switzerland on the Tour Du Mont Blanc itinerary. This incredible 5-day trek takes you through some of the most picturesque landscapes in Europe, offering a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Starting in the charming town of Chamonix, France, the journey takes you through breathtaking alpine meadows, quaint villages, and rugged mountain terrain. Each day brings new challenges and rewards as you tackle big climbs and descents while surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Mont Blanc massif.

Highlights of the Trek

  • Explore the diverse cultural and natural wonders of three countries
  • Experience the charm of alpine villages along the way
  • Marvel at the scenic views from mountain refuges
  • Challenge yourself with varied terrains and climbs
  • Indulge in the local cuisine and unique accommodations

“The Tour Du Mont Blanc is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that allows hikers to immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of the region. From the pristine alpine meadows to the charming villages, every step of the way offers awe-inspiring views and unforgettable memories.” – Experienced Hiker

As you make your way through each country, you’ll have the opportunity to soak in the local culture and traditions. From savoring delicious Swiss chocolate to indulging in hearty Italian pasta, the culinary delights along the trek are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

With comfortable accommodations in mountain refuges and local hotels, you’ll have the chance to relax and recharge after a day of hiking. The friendly atmosphere and breathtaking views from these accommodations make for an unforgettable experience.

Day 1Chamonix, France
Day 2Courmayeur, Italy12 miles
Day 3Champex, Switzerland10 miles
Day 4Trient, Switzerland15 miles
Day 5Chamonix, France10 miles

Be prepared for changing weather conditions and ensure you have the right gear and clothing for the trek. Proper hiking boots, waterproof layers, and sun protection are essential for a comfortable and safe journey.

Embark on this incredible cross-border adventure and discover the beauty of the Tour Du Mont Blanc itinerary. Immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes, experience the rich cultural heritage, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Essential Gear and Preparation

Essential Gear and Preparation hiking boots

Ensure a smooth and comfortable Mont Blanc trek with our essential gear and preparation guide. The Tour du Mont Blanc is a challenging 5-day trek that requires proper planning and the right equipment to make the most of your adventure. Here are some key items and tips to consider before embarking on this epic journey.

Gear Checklist

  • A mountaineering-specific backpack: Choose a sturdy backpack with proper support to carry your essentials throughout the trek. Look for one with adjustable straps and a comfortable fit.
  • Good walking socks: Invest in high-quality, moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters. Consider bringing extra pairs for long hiking days.
  • High mountain sunscreen: Protect your skin from the strong sun at higher altitudes. Use a sunscreen with a high SPF and reapply regularly.

“The Tour du Mont Blanc is a true test of endurance and willpower,” says experienced hiker John Doe. “Having the right gear is crucial to ensure a successful trek.”

“I highly recommend investing in a good pair of hiking boots,” says Jane Smith, a seasoned Mont Blanc trekker. “They provide ankle support and stability on uneven terrain. Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.”

It is also important to bring enough layers of clothing to adjust to changing weather conditions. Pack lightweight but warm clothing, a waterproof jacket, and a hat and gloves for colder temperatures. And don’t forget a reliable map and compass, as well as a headlamp for navigating in the dark.

Essential GearPreparation Tips
Mountaineering-specific backpackEnsure a proper fit and test it with a weighted load.
Good walking socksInvest in moisture-wicking socks to prevent blisters.
High mountain sunscreenProtect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
Hiking bootsChoose boots that provide ankle support and stability.

Before setting off on the Tour du Mont Blanc, it is essential to train and prepare physically. Start by gradually increasing your fitness level through regular cardio exercises and hikes. Strengthen your legs and core muscles to handle the hilly terrain and steep climbs. Consider taking shorter hikes in similar conditions to get a feel for the challenges you’ll encounter.

Remember to check the weather forecast before your trip and be prepared for changing conditions. The Mont Blanc region can experience rapid weather changes, so it’s crucial to pack versatile clothing layers and waterproof gear. Be aware that the itinerary may vary based on weather conditions and the availability of accommodation along the route.

By ensuring you have the right gear and adequate preparation, you’ll be ready to tackle the Tour du Mont Blanc and create unforgettable memories amidst the stunning landscapes of France, Italy, and Switzerland.

Varied Terrains and Climbs

Grand Col Ferret tour de mont blanc

Brace yourself for varied terrains and exhilarating climbs on your 5-day Mont Blanc hiking adventure. The Mont Blanc trek offers a diverse range of landscapes, from lush alpine meadows to rocky mountain passes, providing a thrilling experience for hikers of all levels. 

As you embark on this epic journey, be prepared to tackle challenging ascents and descents each day. Whether you’re navigating steep trails or scrambling over rocky terrain, the Mont Blanc itinerary guarantees an adrenaline-fueled adventure that will push your limits and reward you with breathtaking views.

From traversing narrow ridges to crossing snow-covered slopes, the Mont Blanc hike offers a true test of your physical and mental strength. Each step will bring you closer to the summit, where you’ll be greeted with panoramic vistas of snow-capped peaks and glittering glaciers.

Highlights of the Mont Blanc Hike

  • Traverse the famous Grand Col Ferret, the highest point on the trek, and enjoy stunning views of the Swiss and Italian Alps
  • Experience the thrill of crossing the dramatic Aiguilles Rouges mountain range, with its jagged peaks and steep cliffs
  • Marvel at the iconic Mont Blanc massif, the highest peak in the Alps, and soak in the awe-inspiring beauty of this natural wonder
  • Challenge yourself with the ascent of challenging passes like the Col du Bonhomme and the Col de la Seigne, and revel in the sense of accomplishment as you conquer each one

“The Mont Blanc hike is a true adventure, where every step is a new challenge and every summit is a triumph. It’s a journey that will test your limits and reward you with memories to last a lifetime.” – John Doe, experienced hiker 

Day 1Chamonix – Les HouchesForest paths, meadows15 km
Day 2Les Houches – Les ContaminesMountain trails, rocky ascents18 km
Day 3Les Contamines – CourmayeurMountain passes, alpine terrain20 km
Day 4Courmayeur – Champex-LacMountain paths, alpine meadows16 km
Day 5Champex-Lac – ChamonixMountain trails, panoramic views18 km

With its varied terrains and exhilarating climbs, the Mont Blanc hike promises an unforgettable adventure. Lace up your boots, pack your backpack, and get ready to embark on a journey that will challenge and inspire you in equal measure.

Accommodation and Local Cuisine

Fondue switzerland Tour Du Mont Blanc

Indulge in comfortable accommodation and delightful local cuisine as you embark on the best Tour Du Mont Blanc itinerary. Throughout your 5-day trek, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the unique charm and hospitality of the alpine villages that dot the route. From quaint mountain refuges to cozy local hotels, each accommodation option offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for weary hikers.

Immerse yourself in the picturesque surroundings as you relax in the comfort of your lodging, which, though basic, provides all the necessary amenities for a restful night’s sleep. The mountain refuges, perched high above the valleys, offer awe-inspiring panoramic views that will leave you in awe. Wake up to the crisp mountain air, ready to embark on another day of adventure.

As you explore the villages along your Mont Blanc journey, take the opportunity to savor the delectable local cuisine. From hearty French dishes to mouthwatering Italian specialties, your taste buds will be treated to a medley of flavors. Indulge in traditional Alpine dishes, such as fondue and raclette, and recharge with a delicious meal after a day of hiking.

Local dishes and their origins

As you savor each mouthful, you’ll not only replenish your energy but also appreciate the rich culinary traditions of the region. So, whether you’re a foodie or simply looking to experience new flavors, the Tour Du Mont Blanc itinerary promises to deliver a gastronomic adventure like no other.


Experience the best of Mont Blanc’s hiking trails and create lasting memories with a 5-day trekking adventure in Tour Du Mont Blanc. This challenging itinerary takes you through stunning landscapes, crossing three borders and offering breathtaking views along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or seeking an exciting outdoor adventure, the Tour Du Mont Blanc is sure to exceed your expectations.

The trek starts in Chamonix, France, where you’ll embark on a journey through alpine meadows and charming villages. As you traverse the hilly terrain, you’ll encounter big climbs and descents, providing a thrilling and rewarding experience. Be prepared to push your limits and embrace the physical demands of this incredible adventure.

Throughout the trek, you’ll have the opportunity to stay in mountain refuges and local hotels, providing basic yet comfortable lodging. After a day of hiking, indulge in delicious local cuisine, fueling your body for the next day’s adventures. The refuges also offer scenic views, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Mont Blanc region.

It’s essential to come prepared with the right gear, including a mountaineering-specific backpack, good walking socks, and high mountain sunscreen. The weather and availability of accommodation may impact the itinerary, so flexibility is key. Stay up to date with weather conditions and plan accordingly to ensure a safe and enjoyable trekking experience.

Embark on this unforgettable 5-day trek and discover why the Tour Du Mont Blanc is considered one of the world’s classic long-distance hiking routes. With its stunning scenery, varied walks, and cultural diversity, this adventure promises to leave you with lasting memories and a sense of accomplishment. Lace up your hiking boots and embrace the beauty of the Mont Blanc region on this remarkable journey.


Q: What is the Tour Du Mont Blanc?

A: The Tour Du Mont Blanc is a challenging 5-day trek that crosses three borders in France, Italy, and Switzerland. It is considered one of the world’s classic long-distance hiking routes, offering stunning scenery and varied walks.

Q: Who is the Tour Du Mont Blanc suitable for?

A: The trek is suitable for fit hillwalkers who can handle multiple days of hiking with a medium-sized backpack. It is a demanding trek with hilly terrain and big climbs and descents each day.

Q: Where does the Tour Du Mont Blanc start?

A: The trek starts in Chamonix, France and follows footpaths through beautiful alpine meadows and picture-book villages.

Q: What type of accommodation is provided during the trek?

A: Accommodation is provided in mountain refuges and local hotels. The lodging is basic but comfortable, and food is available.

Q: Can the itinerary change?

A: Yes, the itinerary may vary based on weather conditions and availability of accommodation.

Q: What gear should I bring for the trek?

A: It is important to be prepared with a mountaineering-specific backpack, good walking socks, and high mountain sunscreen.


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