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15 Best Outdoors Activities in Lapland with Kids is your golden ticket to a family adventure like no other! Think snowball fights, reindeer sleigh rides, and campfires under the Northern Lights. Lapland isn’t just a winter wonderland; it’s where childhood dreams come alive. Whether you’re building snowmen or chasing the midnight sun, every moment becomes a cherished memory. So, grab those mittens and let’s set off on a journey where every snowflake tells a story and every giggle echoes in the icy expanse. Ready to make some frosty memories?

Lapland, Finland, is a magical region with many exciting things to do. The first thing that comes to mind when speaking of Lapland is Santa. It is renowned as Santa’s land, and kids believe they can meet Santa here and address letters to him in Lapland.

Another highlighted feature of traveling to Finland with kids is experiencing the northern lights. This beautiful occurrence in the night sky is unmatchable. Finland travel with kids is worth your money.

Here is a look at 15 best northern light activities to experience in Lapland during your Finland travel with kids.

1 Experience Aurora Borealis in a transparent igloo

Aurora Borealis finland lapland

The Aurora borealis or northern lights is a must-experience thing when in Lapland. It is a phenomenal occurrence to witness the night sky of the arctic circle. Aurora borealis occurs for about 200 nights annually from the end of August to April. It is one of the greatest natural spectacles to watch in the night sky. Aurora borealis is visible as shimmering colored lights in the clear night sky. 

The best way to watch the northern lights is in a glass igloo like the ones in Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. Moreover, these cozy igloos provide 360 views of the night sky and are ideal for catching a glimpse of the northern lights in Finland. 

2 Go on a husky safari

husky safari lapland finland

Husky safari is another popular activity in Lapland. Huskies in Lapland are very friendly and love to take you around on a ride. Both kids and adults can do dog sledding in Lapland. Rovaniemi and Ivalo are two famous places to go on a 2-hour husky safari and visit a husky farm.

3 Ride a snow tank

Riding a snow tank with kids is a unique activity in Lapland, Finland. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort offers guests the opportunity to hop on a snow tank and hunt for northern lights in Finland. Further, the guides in the resort take guests to the middle of the forest where there is no light pollution, thereby making it the perfect place to spot the Aurora.

4 Experience cross-country skiing

cross-country skiing lapland finland

Cross-country skiing is like a national sport in Finland. This sport is suitable for people of all ages. It is not only a tourist attraction but a mode of transport in Lapland, Finland. Cross-country skiing could be challenging if you’re new to the sport. At the same time, it’s a fun activity to do by renting a pair of skis for a few hours.

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5 Go on a Reindeer safari

Reindeer safari lapland

A trip to Lapland is truly complete only after you go on a reindeer safari. An essential fact to note is that there is no reindeer in the wild. Each reindeer in Finland has an owner. You can go on a reindeer safari which consists of riding a sled pulled by these animals. Remember to stay at a distance as reindeer are shy and don’t want people to pet them.

6 Go on a ride in a snowmobile

A snowmobile adventure is an activity that everyone must experience when in Lapland. You have the option of going on a ride on a snowmobile for a few hours or several days. However, you need a license to drive a snowmobile, but they are easy to navigate and control. 

7 Meet Santa Claus

Santa Claus lapland finland

If it’s your dream to meet Santa, you can make that dream come true here. Lapland is where Santa’s home is, and you can also pay a visit to him. You can even spend a day at Santa Village in Rovaniemi and return to your childhood. Some popular attractions here include reindeer rides, Santa’s post office, magnificent ice sculptures, and gift shops. 

8 Spend the night in an ice hotel

The experience of staying in an ice hotel is unparalleled and a must-experience thing in Lapland. The Levy Ice Hotel is one of the famous ice hotels in Lapland. It is the perfect place to admire ice sculptures over a delicious meal. You can even opt to stay overnight in an ice room. The Snowman Hotel, close to Rovaniemi, is another famous ice hotel where you can sleep in a room made entirely from ice.

9 Experience ice fishing

Ice fishing is a unique winter activity in Lapland. Sitting on a frozen lake fishing while surrounded by picturesque views gives a fantastic feeling. Ice fishing is ideal for patients who want to try something different. It is because sometimes nothing happens for hours when ice fishing. 

10 Go on a snowshoeing adventure

Trekking on snowshoes is the perfect way to soak up the beauty of Lapland with its scenic views. You can breathe fresh air and exercise while going on a snowshoeing adventure. Snowshoes are perfect in deep snow, and this is an activity that most people, both kids, and adults, will enjoy doing. It’s a popular winter activity that could get your blood pumping.

11 Explore frozen waterfalls at Korouoma Canyon

The Korouoma Canyon is a 30-km-long canyon near Rovaniemi. The waterfall here turns into magnificent natural ice sculptures that can be used for ice climbing. The whole scene looks like it’s taken out of a fairytale. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to capture some stunning pictures of nature while admiring the beauty of 14 frozen waterfalls.

12 Experience floating in a frozen lake

How often do you get to float on a frozen lake? That’s precisely what you can expect in Lapland. Floating on a frozen lake is a unique activity while admiring the northern lights of Finland. Further, you need to book a guided tour for this, where you’ll be taken into the forest without light pollution. You must get into an insulated suit and jump in the frozen lake to enjoy the experience. 

13 Go to the northernmost zoo on the planet

Ranua Zoo is the northernmost zoo on the planet. The zoo highlights all of Finland’s wildlife in one place. The place has 50 different arctic species, including polar bears, brown bears, wolves, lynxes, deer, and moose. Furthermore, it’s open every day of the year for guests to experience arctic wildlife.

14 Admire the midnight sun

midnight sun lapland finland outdoor activity

It’s not often that you get to see the sun at midnight. In Lapland, it is a regular occurrence in winter. The sun stays above the horizon for 70 days in the northern region of Lapland. Moreover, the sun will go down towards the south, but the sky will light up. 

15 Trek in Lapland

Finally, there are many walking trails consisting of flat terrains in Lapland. In addition, there are trail-side log cabins for shelter. There are a few information boards that give you details on the ecology of a given location. Besides, trekking in Lapland is a unique and exciting activity that you must try.

Lapland, Finland, is a distinct location where you can have fantastic experiences like ice-fishing, husky safaris, snowshoeing, and snowmobile adventures. 

Have you ever been to Lapland before? Let us know what you think are the best experiences to have in the arctic and any other experiences we’ve missed on our list.


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