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Hold onto your fezzes, folks! If you’ve got a calendar screaming for a red-circle adventure, then this “Morocco Itinerary 5 Days” guide is your golden ticket to a whirlwind of unforgettable experiences. Forget the humdrum 9-to-5 routine; we’re talking about five days of sizzling tagines, labyrinthine medinas, and Saharan selfies that’ll make your Instagram followers greener than a mint tea leaf.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Five days? Can I even find Morocco on a map in that time?” Fear not, intrepid traveler! This itinerary is jam-packed but as well-organized as a Moroccan spice rack. We’ve got your mornings, afternoons, and starlit evenings sorted. From the bustling souks of Marrakech to the tranquil beaches of Essaouira, and let’s not forget the jaw-dropping Sahara Desert—this trip is a smorgasbord of ‘Whoa, did that just happen?’

So, grab your most comfortable pair of harem pants and a sense of adventure that laughs in the face of jet lag. Whether you’re a solo wanderluster or planning a tag-along with your favorite humans, this Morocco Itinerary 5 Days guide is your VIP pass to a slice of North African paradise. Ready to trade in your desk chair for a camel saddle? Let’s roll! 🐪✨

Day 1

Hassan II Mosque (Morning)

The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is a unique seaside mosque. One-third of this large mosque is built on the sea. The Hassan II Mosque, built in 1993 under the guidance of King Hassan II, has a towering 210 m high minaret. The interior of the mosque has been elongated with intricate decorations. Moreover, it has a retractable roof and walls made of handcrafted marble. It is the largest mosque in Africa and the 7th largest worldwide. The mosque can accommodate 105000 worshippers together for inside and outside prayers.

morocco itinerary 5 days Day 1 Casablanca Mosque
morocco itinerary 5 days Casablanca Mosque Hasan

Musée Abderrahman Slaoui (Afternoon)

Musée Abderrahman Slaoui, or the Abderrahman Slaoui Museum, gets its name from a Moroccan businessman who was also an art collector. The museum exhibits several collections, including Moroccan jewelry, old posters, crystal objects, and figurative and landscape paintings. Further, the museum conducts several exhibitions featuring contemporary Moroccan artists. Visitors can also participate in artistic workshops that teach about Moroccan art and craft. Around 1 to 2 hours is enough to complete a museum tour.

Day 2

Museum of Moroccan Judaism (Morning)

This museum, which opened in 1997, is the first museum of Casablanca. It is also the only Jewish museum in the Arab region. It consists of separate sections for temporary exhibitions and permanent exhibitions. The building was originally an orphanage with 160 Jewish youth. The museum contains historical documents, ritual objects, jewelry from family and religious life, and photographs, paintings, and sculptures of Jewish life in Morocco. Besides, you can complete a museum tour between 1 and 3 hours. 

Miami Beach Boardwalk (Afternoon)

The Miami Seaside Boulevard, or the Miami Beach Boardwalk, is one of the most beautiful locations in Casablanca. It has a wide driveway, and on its side, facing the sea is a wide wooden plank road. Many bars, cafes, and swimming pools along this road let people savor picturesque views of the sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, along this expanse is a coffee shop named Miami, which is how the boulevard got its name. It is a fantastic place to relax with the family while enjoying stunning views. 

Day 3

Old Medina of Casablanca (Morning)

The Old Medina of Casablanca is an ancient market at the center of Casablanca. You can step back in time, walking along the cobble-stoned streets of the Old Medina. Several vendors crowd the sides of the streets selling everything from artisans to handcrafts, antiques, and many more things. In addition, it’s a great place to bargain to get a good offer for most of the products on sale. Nevertheless, you can easily spend 2 to 3 hours in these streets bargaining for the best product.

morocco itinerary 5 days Day 3 Blue Wall

Habous (Afternoon)

Once you complete your shopping spree in the Old Medina of Casablanca, it’s time to move on to Habous, right next to it. Habous elongates the French architectural style as Casablanca was once part of the French colony. Located 1 km southeast of the city is the Saints Quarter, which is the perfect French version of the Moroccan Arab community. Also, people call it the New Arab Quarter. Experience a mix of French and Arab styles at Habous to get a unique feel of Morocco.

Day 4

Square of Mohammed V (Morning)

The Square of Mohammed V is an area comprising buildings made in the 1920s based on Spanish architecture. It is right in the municipal administrative center and has a white façade decorated with gold and elegant arcades. The square has a striking building called the Prefecture, which consists of a magnificent garden and ornate paintings by Louis Major. Moreover, you can enjoy stunning views of Casablanca from the 50-meter tower. Further, 1 to 2 hours is enough to explore this area.

Casablanca Cathedral (Afternoon of Morocco itinerary 5 days)

This Cathedral is a former Roman Catholic cathedral that was built in 1930. In 1956 it was changed to a cultural center once Morocco became independent. French architect Paul Tournon designed the cathedral in the French Revival style. It is open for public viewing and hosts various art exhibitions yearly. In addition, you can spend 1 to 2 hours exploring the former church and appreciating its architectural elements and the style in which it was built.

Day 5

Notre Dame de Lourdes (Morning – Morocco itinerary 5 days)

Notre Dame de Lourdes is a unique church with an inherent European style. It’s a magnificent church in a sprawling area, making it stand among the other buildings around it. Notre Dame de Lourdes is a relatively modern Casablanca building with a large ‘hood’ that towers over the church door. Moreover, it has a small cross affixed to its apex. The stained-glass windows glistening above make the church visible to anyone. Besides, you can easily spend 1 to 2 hours observing this structure and admiring its architectural beauty.

Place des Nations Unies (Afternoon)

Places des Nations Unies, or United Nations Square, is a public square in the center of Casablanca. It’s a central point in the history of the city. Moreover, it was built at the start of the 20th century to bring an end to the Universal Exposition of 1905. Also, the square is lively, with souqs and cafes on either side of the streets for passers to relax and savor the ambience.  

Finally, Casablanca is a tourist haven as the city has the right blend of history, culture, and modern times. Moreover, a trip to this city is a must if you are on the African continent.

Comment below on what you think of Casablanca and other sites to visit on a trip to Morocco’s cosmopolitan city.


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