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Pack your sense of wonder and bring the little adventurers along, because we’re about to embark on a whirlwind journey through ‘Things to Do in Abu Dhabi with Kids.’ From futuristic wonders that will leave your young explorers wide-eyed to cultural treasures that ignite their curiosity, Abu Dhabi is a playground of endless possibilities. Buckle up for thrilling theme parks, mesmerizing desert safaris, and interactive museums that spark imagination. As we dive into this family-friendly oasis of excitement, get ready to create memories that will paint smiles on the faces of young and old alike. Let the unforgettable adventures begin.

The best time to visit Abu Dhabi is between April and May and from September to October. This season sees pleasant city weather with fewer tourists and reasonable hotel prices.

1. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi

Firstly, Ferrari World is a must-visit attraction in Abu Dhabi, especially if you are on holiday with young kids. Regardless, people of any age would enjoy the vibe and action at Ferrari World, which is a unique attraction site found in the Middle East. 

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi gets its name from the popular global car manufacturer. Further, it is home to the world’s fastest roller coaster ride, Formula Rossa. This thrilling roller coaster works at a speed of 240 km/h. In addition, some of the other adrenaline-pumping activities in Ferrari World are Turbo Track rides and Flying Aces.

2. Abu Dhabi Holidays – Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros World – Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros. is another popular family attraction in Abu Dhabi. It consists of over 30 electrifying rides to keep the entire family interested. Furthermore, it is the world’s largest indoor theme park, and your kids can meet some of their favorite Warner Bros. cartoon characters like Superman, Batman, Tom and Jerry, and more. In addition, a day visiting Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi will be filled with wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

3. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque – Abu Dhabi

Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. People from all nationalities and religions come here to appreciate this architectural masterpiece symbolizing many of the elements of Islamic architecture. What’s more, it is the largest mosque in the UAE and a key place of worship for daily prayers.

The mosque accommodates people of all faiths to come and look at it and admire its architectural beauty. Take your kids to experience this one-of-a-kind of religious place not found elsewhere in the world. Moreover, its white columns and minarets symbolize and reflect inner peace. 

My advice is to wear modest clothing concerning Islamic culture. Apart from this, you will not feel the time going by when you step into this awe-inspiring building and become soaked in its beauty.

4. Abu Dhabi Holidays – The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

The National Aquarium – Abu Dhabi

A family vacation with kids is not complete without a visit to an aquarium. The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi is the perfect educational and fun day out for your kids. Here, you can dive under the sea and explore marine life and a fantastic recreation of a shipwreck. The aquarium holds about 46,000 marine creatures and the world’s largest diverse collection of sharks and rays. You can also witness Super Snake, a 14-year-old reticulated python, at the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi. Your kids will learn much about marine life, cultural heritage, and conservation at this amazing aquarium.

5. Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo – Abu Dhabi

The zoo is also a must-visit attraction in any country. The Al Ain Zoo, located in South Garden City, is a place you need to experience with your family. Your kids will have a ball at a time, saying hello to penguins and walking with lemurs at the Al Ain Zoo. You can also enjoy this zoo’s popular shows and activities, including feeding giraffes and watching the falcon show. 

Abu Dhabi is full of fun, excitement, and activity for people of all ages. Regarding kids and family travel, it is a city that should not be missed in the Middle East. 

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