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Here we have 20 smart travel hacks that you can use on your next trip with kids to make sure it is an enjoyable experience. Traveling with family could be the best or worst experience you gain. It’s anyone’s dream to have the perfect vacation with family. However, with all the chaos, this could be far from achievable. Read on to find out which travel hacks kids you should apply for on your next vacation.

1 Choose the perfect suitcase

Traveling with family means you need ample space to pack everyone’s belongings, especially when you have kids. Ensure you get a suitcase with enough space to carry all your family members’ things and a few souvenirs to bring back home. Plenty of suitcases are meant for family travel, so look into them before buying one.

Travel hacks for kids travel hacks select suitcase

2 Avoid a carry-on bag for each family member

There’s no point in having one carry-on bag for each family member, especially for each kid. You can minimize the number of bags you carry by reducing the number of carry-ons. You can manage your packing by having one bag for your clothes, another for electronic devices, and another for snacks. Another excellent thing to do is to organize your packing using packing cubes. They can help you categorize your things and compact them into your suitcase.

3 Pre-plan for during-the-trip fun and entertainment

If traveling with kids, you must plan entertainment at least 48 hours before the trip. It gives you enough time to ensure everything is in place. You may have to download your kids’ favorite cartoons, TV shows, and games. Also, fully- charge all your electronic devices and carry a portable charger, if possible. Moreover, you should pre-plan the activities you will do once you reach your destination. You don’t want to waste time thinking about what to do once you go there.

4 Keep everyone comfortable

You may want to dress up your kids in their best clothes, but traveling is not the right time. You should make sure to dress your kids up in clothes that they feel comfortable in. Clothes that are too tight or warm will make them uncomfortable and not enjoy the trip. Loose sweatshirts and pants are ideal for travel. 

5 Use a multi-purpose backpack ( My Fav Travel hacks for kids )

A multi-purpose backpack is the perfect travel gear for families with hyperactive kids. If your kids are constantly running around, you need your hands to be free to hold them. A multi-purpose backpack should have enough space to pack all your essentials and carry them while you can hold on to your kids or open the candy packet for them. 

6 Pack extra clothes for each family member

Parents typically get carried away by packing extra clothes for their kids and forgetting about themselves. Every family member, including you, must be clean and fresh throughout the trip. Therefore, remember to pack spare clothing for each family member so that they all enjoy the trip in comfort.

7 Carry sanitizer or antibacterial wipes

Traveling with kids means you’ll constantly yell at them not to touch everything they see. Ultimately, they will touch every possible surface they can reach that is bound to be contaminated. Therefore, carrying antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer is wise when traveling with kids. That way, you can clean their hands as soon as they touch something they shouldn’t be touching in the first place. 

8 Take advantage of airport services

Traveling solo is much different to traveling with kids, especially many of them. However, you shouldn’t worry, as almost every airport will provide you with the required assistance, especially when traveling with kids. Reach out to airport services, and they may be able to provide you with escort service or even give you a ride to get around.

9 Pack candy or gums

You’ll hit two birds with a single stone when you take candy or gums on your travels. Chewing them can help balance the pressure in your ears when taking off and landing. It will cut the cost of buying earplugs. Further, your kids will enjoy the candy.

10 Build excitement at the airport

Kids can quickly get put off by air travel, so you must keep them occupied and excited throughout the trip. Use the extra time you have at the airport before the flight to play games or do activities with your kids. Help build anticipation and excitement about the destination you are going to .

11 Contact your mobile network provider for fair international options

You must contact your mobile network provider if you are going to a foreign destination. Overseas calls will add significantly to your bill, so you must find a way to avoid it. Some roaming charges are too much for you to afford. Therefore, you need to speak to your provider about getting a fair plan for international travel that fits your budget. Do remember this Travel hacks for kids and ensure that this is done at least a week earlier.

12 Carry a mini duffle bag

Sometimes, your backpack or suitcase may be too full to carry anything else. In that case, a mini duffle bag would help, especially when you are out of your hotel room and don’t want to carry a large backpack with you. A mini duffle bag is handy in these situations, and you can even put a few souvenirs you buy along the way.

13 Carry empty water bottles

You cannot take filled water bottles past the security check at airports. However, you can take empty water bottles. Your best bet is to carry some empty water bottles and fill them after the security check. You and your kids will want to drink a lot of water, so filling those empty bottles is a good idea.

14 Carry dry, healthy snacks

Although water isn’t allowed, snacks are allowed through the airport security check. Therefore, packing your snacks means your kids won’t have to stay hungry throughout the flight. Snacks you bring from home will be better and less costly than the ones you buy at the airport. Some airport-approved snacks include crackers, cookies, cereals, cooked meats, dried fruits, and granola bars.

15 Rethink eating at restaurants

The first thing you think of when you get hungry abroad is to find a restaurant to eat at. However, this is not the best option whenever you want to eat with your kids. It could be very costly to have each meal at a restaurant. Therefore, you need to consider other options available to you. If you’re staying somewhere, you can access a kitchen and cook your own meals. You can also find a local food delivery app to bring food to your hotel room.

16 Get your kids bracelets with your contact details

Your kids could easily get separated from you while traveling at the airport or an attraction site. Gifting them a bracelet with your contact details will ensure their safety. Anyone who finds them can quickly contact you and bring them to you. It is an essential hack to know when traveling with family.

17 Use a car seat belt lock

Using a car seat belt is essential, especially if you plan to go on road trips with your kids. It’s a well-known fact that kids love to play with their seatbelts and yours. Having a lock will prevent your kids from unfastening seat belts and save them from many dangers associated with traveling with an unfastened seat belt.

18 Carry a socket extension

Carrying a socket extension is essential when traveling with family. Each family member will have one or more devices they will be using. A socket extension ensures that everyone’s devices are charged and they can use them anytime.

Travel hacks for kids travel hacks socket plug

19 Consider renting baby equipment

Sometimes it’s better to rent baby equipment than take them from home. It reduces the number of things you have to carry on your travels. Many rental companies will let you rent baby equipment with specific pick-up and drop-off points near attractions sites or the city you visit. It makes traveling with kids extremely convenient. 

20 Sign up for an airline loyalty program

Traveling becomes more rewarding and easier when you sign up for an airline’s loyalty program. You get points for every flight you take. You can use these points to upgrade your flight or even get free flights.

These travel hacks are absolute lifesavers whenever I travel with my family. Try them out the next time you travel with your family, and let us know how it went. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter for more helpful travel hacks.


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