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Ahoy, skyward adventurers! If you’ve ever found yourself squished in a middle seat, battling armrest wars and praying for the sweet relief of landing, then you’re in the right airspace. Welcome to the ultimate guide on “Airplane Hacks for Long Flights,” where we turn your flying experience from “meh” to “majestic” faster than you can say “complimentary peanuts.”

Let’s face it, long-haul flights can feel like a never-ending episode of a bad reality show—complete with questionable food and even more questionable seat neighbors. But what if I told you that you could be the star of your own airborne drama, minus the drama? That’s right! We’re talking about hacks so good, they’ll make you want to high-five the pilot.

From mastering the art of in-flight skincare to crafting a DIY first-class experience in economy (yes, it’s possible!), this guide is your golden ticket to soaring through the skies like a seasoned globetrotter. So, whether you’re a frequent flyer collecting miles like they’re Pokémon or a nervous newbie who still claps when the plane lands (it’s okay, we’ve all been there), these “Airplane Hacks for Long Flights” are your co-pilot to cloud nine.

Strap in, folks. It’s time to elevate your in-flight game to cruising altitude! 🛫✨

1. Morning flights have less turbulence

Turbulence is something that always manages to put me off concerning air travel. Who likes it anyway? If you are prone to morning sickness, it’s best to fly in the morning. Storms are more likely to occur during the afternoon and evening because of the heat that builds up during the day. Therefore, an early flight means there’s less chance for your plane to get caught in a storm and experience turbulence

Airplane hacks for long flights airplane travel hack

2. Stay hydrated

It’s essential to stay hydrated when traveling by airplane. You should avoid alcohol as it could dehydrate you and make it harder to get REM sleep. Air travel tends to dehydrate you more than any other mode of transport, so bring an empty water bottle to refill.

The security checkpoints at most airports don’t allow full water bottles to pass through. Therefore, bring an empty water bottle you can fill up before the flight at a filtered water station. 

3. Be nice to the flight attendants during your airplane travel

When you’re 35,000 feet above the grounds, there’s no one to take care of except the flight attendants. Whether you are hungry, thirsty, or not feeling well, you need to ask for their assistance. The friendlier you are with them, the better they’ll care for you. If you sulk at them or show disrespect, you will not get what you want. Your flight will be a nightmare if you don’t get along with the flight attendants.

4. Bring your own snacks

The airline serves food based on a set schedule depending on the destination you are traveling to. Therefore, you could get hungry long before they serve food on the plane. Therefore, it’s best to bring some snacks to satisfy your hunger. I always carry some of my favorite snacks, as in-flight meals have never really satisfied my appetite. 

Diet significantly impacts jet lag, so you wouldn’t want to stay hungry. Bring healthy snacks rich in fiber, such as bananas, berries, and granola bars.

5 Wipe down your tray table

You’re very likely to fall sick during air travel as you are exposed to many germs on an airplane. An obvious way you can contract germs is from your tray table. Our 5th Airplane hacks for long flights ensure that tray tables are cleaned and disinfected before each use. To be safer, bring some disinfectant wipes and clean your tray table before using it.

6 Avoid carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks tend to make you experience gastric distress. When flying, the air could expand your intestines and cause gas. Avoid these drinks both at the airport and on the airplane. Gastric distress could occur when you’re in the airplane, especially if the pilot needs to change altitude.

7 Bring a comfortable coat with pockets

A coat is an essential clothing item to carry whenever you travel on an airplane. It is cold inside the airplane, so you need an extra piece of clothing to keep you warm. A coat with many pockets acts as an additional carry-on, and who doesn’t need that when traveling in an airplane? A soft and comfortable coat can also be used as a pillow whenever you need an extra one in the airplane.

8 Use Spotify Premium in offline mode

Airplane wifi is not reliable and also expensive. Therefore, it’s better to download the music you prefer to your phone before boarding the flight. Spotify Premium enables you to put albums or playlists you prefer in “offline mode”. You can listen to these songs once you are on the flight, as it works in airplane mode. 

9 Mark your luggage as fragile

This one may sound selfish, but I do it almost always, and it works like a charm. Mark your luggage as fragile, and the handlers will treat it with better care. Also, your luggage will be one of the last loaded onto the plane, so that it will be one of the first out on the carousel. 

10. Volunteer to get bumped up

Airlines staff might ask passengers to give up their seats when flights are overbooked in exchange for perks. These perks could mean credits or an upgrade to a business-class or first-class compartment. If you are open to changing your flight schedule, raise your hand as soon as the airline calls for volunteers. However, ensure you know the terms and conditions before agreeing to give up your flight. 

Airplane hacks for long flights travel seat

11 Create your own lumbar support

Honestly, I’ve never really enjoyed laying my head on airplane seats. I usually walk off the plane with a sore neck, which means that I don’t get to enjoy the rest of my tour. That’s when I started looking for a product that provides good neck support and found out about lumbar support. Since then, air travel has changed for me, and I don’t walk off the plane with a sore neck anymore.

12 Buy travel-sized products

There is a general rule on carrying liquids in airplanes. You are not allowed to carry your full-sized bottle of moisturizer or shampoo when traveling by airplane. Luckily, manufacturers of cosmetic products have now come up with travel-sized packing for almost everything. Now you can buy these travel-sized products and take them with you when traveling in airplanes.

13 Bring a portable charger

In this age of advanced technology, people mostly travel with electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Therefore, you must keep the battery power going in these devices. Remember to pack a portable battery charger when you travel to keep your phone and other electronic devices shutting down due to low power.

Airplane hacks for long flights power adaptor bank

14 Bring Ziploc bags

Ziploc bags are one thing I pack in extra and take whenever I am flying. It has multiple uses, and I recommend that everyone who travels takes these too. They are perfect for storing all liquids in the same place so that you can easily present them at security. It’s also great to hold your snacks and to keep things like your phone dry.

15 Wear bulky clothes for more luggage space

It is another airplane travel hack that I almost always follow. Pack heavy clothes, like jackets, at the top so that if you exceed the luggage limit, you can always take them out and wear them. It will significantly reduce the weight of your bag. Once you board the plane, you can remove it and put it in the overhead bin.

That’s about all the airplane travel hacks I follow whenever I fly. These have helped me fly better and enjoy my tours. Try them yourself and see how much of a difference they can make whenever you are traveling.

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