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These 10 packing hacks to save space are based on my travel experiences and i hope they will be useful to you . Here they are with a bit of context.

Are you about to go on a vacation? I know the feeling it gives, knowing that you are going for a break to explore another corner of the world. However, so many things are connected with going on vacation, which sometimes puts us off. It could be the hassle of obtaining a visa, booking air tickets and accommodation, etc. I get anxious when thinking of packing. Packing is one thing I try to put off in terms of preparing for a vacation. That is why you need to know some essential packing hacks.

Then again, there’s no way out of it. You’ve got to face it at one time or the other. It’s best dealt with earlier than later. I know how frustrating packing can be, especially when you can’t seem to fit everything you need to take in your bag. So, I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that I follow when packing for tours. Here are some packing hacks everyone should know of.

Packing hacks to save space suitcase best

1. Keep heavy items at the bottom.

It’s a general rule to follow when you arrange things in a trolley bag with wheels, a backpack, or a handbag. You must place all the heavy things at the bottom of the bag. It is primarily done for even weight distribution. If you are using a backpack, this type of packing will push the bag’s weight to your hip belts and down through your legs to the floor.

Air travel also means you carry a trolley bag with wheels. This type of packing will keep the bag from toppling over if that is the case. Let’s say you rummage through your bag at the airport. The heavy items will not crush the delicate ones because they are correct at the bottom of the bag.

2 Roll your clothes – My Favourite packing hack.

It is one of the everyday packing hacks you may have heard of before, yet it is vital. Always roll your clothes when packing. It saves tons of space in your bag and prevents creases on your clothes that would have formed if you were to fold them. This method saves space because it squeezes the air from between folds.

Packing hacks to save space suitcase

3. Waterproof your devices and valuables.

Waterproofing the things inside your bag is essential to prevent them from getting damaged by moisture, water, or any liquid. Using a waterproof pack liner is the best way to do this. Line the inside of your bag with a plastic garbage bag or a commercially available pack liner. As an additional measure, you can even put your raincoat on top of all your things if you carry one.

4. Pack your socks inside your shoes.

If you are packing a lot of socks, especially if you’re holidaying in winter, it’s best to pack them inside your shoes. It saves a lot of space as several pairs of socks could soon fill up your bag. Try to fit the maximum pairs of socks inside each shoe. It is something I always do when I travel to different destinations. It could be winter, summer, or any other season, but you still need to pack your socks, so pack them in a way that saves space.

5. Take laundry bags with you – Effective Packing Hack for your trip back.

Packing laundry bags could be a lifesaver. Almost every hotel has these, yet having your own will be immensely helpful. Laundry bags help keep your wet and used clothes separate from fresh and unused ones. It could be your wet swimsuit or other spoiled clothes that need to be separated from the good clothes. It helps the other clothes to remain clean and prevents them from odoring.

6. Use packing cubes.

Packing cubes are also something I use quite often when traveling. They help separate your clothing into various colored cubes, making it easier to identify them. It’s also an excellent space-saving hack when packing. Putting similar clothing pieces together also makes you more organized.

7. Choose a soft carry bag.

It’s always handy to take a carry bag with you when traveling. It helps you keep essential items at a reachable level, especially when they don’t all fit into your pockets. Use a soft carry bag with a long strap to put your essentials. You can put it on your shoulder and use your hands to push the luggage with your luggage. It frees your hands, which allows you to do or carry other things.

8. Put fragile items in socks.

I often pack glass items when I travel, mainly because I need my cologne wherever I go. More often than not, people need to pack things like perfume bottles and other glassware. When carrying these things, it’s vital to ensure they are packed safely so they won’t break along the way. The best way to do this is to put fragile items in socks to keep them from breaking. Another great hack is to pack them between clothes to shield them from both sides.

9. Place clothes that crush easily at the bottom.

There’s always a set of clothes that get crushed easily. No matter how much you iron and pack them, they tend to get wrinkles when unpacked. To prevent this, lay clothes that crush easily at the bottom of the bag. Trust me, it will save you some laundry money at the hotel, and we know how expensive it could get.

10. Pack everything and only carry half of it.

It is also one of the time-tested packing hacks I’ve tried many times. We all know how much we get carried away when packing for a vacation. This trick has helped me pack sensibly many times. Pack everything that comes to your mind and then removes half of them. This way, you only carry what you think is essential, and the rest stays home. It’s a fantastic space-saving hack and helps you identify the things required for your trip.

These 10 packing hacks have helped me pack sensibly and make the most of my trips. Try these packing tips the next time you need to pack for a holiday, and let me know what you think.

Know of any more packing hacks that can make packing easier for traveler? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more travel tips.


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